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Our technology services range from project management to custom applications to web services and cloud computing.

Custom Applications

We build Microsoft Access applications as well as .Net desktop automation.  It depends on your requirements.  We can combine technologies and come up with innovative solutions just for your business.

Project Management

Our team of professionals have managed small projects to multi-million dollar ones that have spanned across nations. We can help you with yours!

Cloud Computing

We build custom applications on the cloud and have used services from both Amazon and Azure.  T

Vendor Management

Many times a business will hire a vendor to fulfill their technology needs.  But the business needs a third party to manage that vendor relationship and ensure the technical challenges are met properly and on budget.  We have worked with many vendors successfully and can improve the outcome of your project.

Strategic Planning

Not sure what you really need?  Not sure where you will be in 1.... or 5..... years?  Call us, we do technical strategic planning based on your business projections.

Technology Training

Our professionals can train your staff for a variety of software in order to increase efficiency.  Please contact us for a list of available classes.

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